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Holding Local Elections Requires Comprehensive National Dialogue to be Successfully Held in West Bank and Gaza Strip

Ref: 14/2017    On 31 Januarys 2017, the Palestinian Council of Ministers issued a decision to hold local elections in the West Bank and Gaza Strip on 13 May 2017.  The decision assigned the Central Elections Commission (CEC) to carry out the necessary preparations to start the elections and the Minister of Local Government to follow up the elections' preparations and process.   The Palestinian President previously issued a presidential decree to amend the Local Council Elections Law No.10/2005.  According to this amendment, a special court was established to consider the electoral appeals as the First Instance Court in each city used to be...

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Violations against Local Council Elections Candidates

Elections Updates This update aims to highlight the most significant developments on the local council elections that is part of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights' (PCHR) work in the field of election monitoring. This publication will be successively issued by PCHR to follow up the electoral process and evaluate each phase of it in due process. PCHR's work relies on the credibility of the field documentation and communications with the concerned authorities done by a qualified observers team.   The Palestinian Center for Human Rights is concerned over the violations against activists and candidates of local council elections in the West Bank...

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Position Paper: PCHR: Cancellation of Electoral Lists for Eliminating One Candidate Violates Law and Undermines Voters’ Will

    Introduction The Central Elections Commission (CEC) cancelled 5 electoral lists in the local councils of Beit Hanoun, Um al-Nasser, al-Zahra' and al-Nusairat in the Gaza Strip and Yatta in the West Bank following the CEC's approval of objections presented against some candidates on these lists. The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) stresses that CEC's decision violates the spirit of the Local Council Elections Law no. 10/2005 and its Amendments. It further contradicts with the aim of the electoral process that is based on identifying the voters' real will and choosing their representatives, which would not be accomplished due to the...

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PCHR Continues Preparations to Observe Local Council Elections

Ref: 37-2016 The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) continues its preparations to observe the local council elections to be held on 08 October in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. PCHR also supports holding the local council elections and the legislative and presidential elections as well. Furthermore, PCHR stresses the importance of putting an end to the political split, restoring confidence in the Palestinian governmental institutions and holding the elections periodically. PCHR submitted an application to the Central Elections Committee (CEC) to be approved as a local body observing the elections process, including registration for elections, candidacy period, electioneering, voting and...

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Position Paper: Palestinian Unity Government Calls for Local Council Elections

Introduction On 03 May 2016, the Palestinian Unity Government's Council of Ministers issued a decision to hold the elections of the local councils (municipalities) on their due date, 08 October 2016, according to the Council of Ministers' capacity under article 4 of the Local Council Elections Law no. 10/2005. This calling for the local council elections came in view of the presence of a unity government that was formed in June 2014 following al-Shati' agreement on April 2014.   The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) welcomes this step and highlights that periodic impartial elections are a constitutional right and a foundation for...

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Position Paper: Palestinian Elections in Light of the Ongoing Fragmentation

  In its session held on 08 February 2011, the Palestinian government in Ramallah decided to organize elections in local councils on Saturday, 09 July 2011, and requested the Central Elections Commission (CEC) to initiate necessary technical preparations.  This decision again opens the controversy over the elections, which reflects the fragmentation in the Palestinian Authority that has been ongoing since June 2007. While the decision has been accepted and welcomed by some political parties, most notably the Fatah movement, it is rejected by other political parties, such as the Hamas movement. It is not the first time that the organization of elections...

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