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After Finishing Long Career Full of Liberality, PCHR Honors Mr. Jaber Wishah

Ref: 14/2017


In a wonderful atmosphere on Sunday, 03 April 2017, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) held a ceremony to honor Mr. Jaber Weshah after a 17-year career of giving at PCHR. The ceremony was held in al-Mashtal Hotel in Gaza City and attended by around 300 representatives from civil society organizations, national, Islamic and political factions, academics, journalists and activists in the field of human rights and prisoners’ cause defense. The ceremony was presented by Heba Akila, Correspondent of Al Jazeera in Gaza.


Dr. Riyadh al-Za’anoun, Chairman of PCHR’s Board of Directors, delivered a speech, praising the struggle of Mr. Jaber Wishah, who is a national figure. Before joining PCHR’s family, He spent 15 years in the Israeli prisons and lived with prisoners to know closely their sufferings. He carried all of this in his heart during his work at PCHR and convoyed it to the international forums.  Al-Za’anoun added that Wishah was renowned for his professionalism, great ethics and humbleness, so he had good relations with his colleagues and everyone who dealt with him.


In his speech, Raji Sourani, PCHR’s Director, said that PCHR honors todays an icon and fighter for humanity, and this is only a stage in Jaber’s long history in the Palestinian struggle. Sourani said that he has known Jaber personally and professionally.  He added they have always been together in good times and struggles, which Jaber has never been ashamed of and will always be proud of. Sourani praised Jaber’s role due to his human experience and his distinctive contributions to the national action and human rights field.  He also talked about Jaber’s distinctive role in supporting and developing PCHR’s work and the Palestinian and Arab human rights movement.  Sourani hailed the supporting role of Jaber’s mother, wife and daughters in building his outstanding personality and their non-stoppable support for him in all fields.


Lawyer Younis al-Jaro, Chairman of Board of Directors of Addameer, pointed to how much Jaber is loved and appreciated. He sincerely gave so much with total faithfulness and humbleness throughout his struggle which everyone is proud of

Mr. Freih Abu Meddein, former Minister of Justice, praised Jaber’s national and struggle role.  Abu Meddein also praised the role and steadfastness of the mother of Jaber Weshah in supporting her son and brought into view his humanitarian cause representing prisoners at best in all international forums.

Mr. Essam Younis, Director of al-Mezan Center for Human Rights, said that Jaber is symbol for optimism and hope in light of the breakdown Palestinians currently live. Younis also said that despite the state of frustration and despair, Jaber’s career raises hope and motivates to continue the fight and struggle for human rights.

Moreover, Mr. Emad al-Efranji, Director of the Palestinian Journalists Forum, reviewed Jaber’s media role in defending prisoners’ cause in the Israeli jails. Al-Efranji commended the good manners of Jaber, who was consensually loved by all journalists.


Mr. Jaber expressed his gratitude to PCHR’s administration and staff members for this honoring. He added that he is very proud he is part of the Palestinian struggle and human rights movement, particularly PCHR. Jaber addressed the motifs and circumstances that made him join both the national work and the field of human right.

The ceremony included musical performances by the Music School Band in the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music and Al-Anqaa PTD.

At the end of the ceremony, Raji Sourani presented to Jaber Weshah PCHR’s honor emblem for his leading role over the past 17 years. Sourani considered this emblem as appreciation from PCHR’s staff and administration for Jaber’s career that if full of liberality.

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