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PCHR Calls Upon Attorney General to Investigate the Killing of Civilian by Palestinian Security Officers in Jenin

Ref: 32/2016 

On Tuesday, 07 June 2016, Adel Nasser Jaradat (21), from Silet al-Harethiya village, northwest of Jenin, was killed by gunfire from Palestinian security services while they were conducting a security operation in the village, during which they used firearms. The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) is deeply concerned about the incident and calls upon the Attorney General to investigate the case to identify the circumstances in which Jaradat was killed and publish the investigation results.

Over the past two days, PCHR carried out investigations about the circumstances of the killing of Jaradat by the Palestinian security services. PCHR’s fieldworkers met with a number of eyewitnesses and obtained statements signed by them. According to the statements, at approximately 04:30 on Tuesday, 07 June 2016, Palestinian joint security forces surrounded al-Jaradat neighborhood, south of Silet al-Harethiya. While searching the house of Yahiya Yusuf Jaradat (41) in Kuo’ al-Balat area, southwest of the same neighborhood, confrontations erupted, as a number of youngsters threw stones at the patrols, therefore, the security officers opened fire in response. While Adel Jaradat was leaving his uncle’s house to go to his work in the Plain of Marj Bin Amer, where her works as a farmer, Adel shouted from a range of about 30 meters informing the security officers that he wanted to go out to his work. However, a Palestinian special police officer pointed his gun at Adel and fired 4 lived bullets at him. As a result, Adel was hit in his thigh and fell to the ground. In the meantime, the Palestinian security officers began opening fire in the air. Three of the victim’s friends hurried and were able to carry Adel away. Nevertheless, the security officers chased them, fired tear gas canisters, and shouted ordering them to leave him while opening fire directly at them. This forced the young men to leave the victim on the ground. After that, two of the special police officers held the victim from his hands and dragged him 300 meters away. They then took him to a vehicle belonging to Bader Anan Jaradat (24), who took him to the Khalil Suleiman Governmental Hospital in company of 2 special police officers. Adel was pronounced dead later due to the severe bleeding he sustained.

Eyewitnesses said that Palestinian security services for the second consecutive day had been raiding al-Jaradat neighborhood in Silet al- Harethiya villag, looking for wanted persons on grounds of the bloody incidents that occurred in the village lately. These incidents started with the killing of the brigadier-general in the National Security Service, Ayman Jaradat, on 24 February 2016, by an armed person from another family; the killing of Ahmed Mohamed Jaradat (27), from Sho’fat refugee camp, north of Jerusalem, on 26 May 2016, on the same grounds; and setting on fire 16 houses belonging to the suspect’s family in the same night.

According to information obtained by PCHR, Jenin’s mayor formed a fact-finding mission to investigate the killing of Jaradat on 07 June 2016. It should be noted that corpse was referred to the al-Najah National University’s morgue.

PCHR strongly condemns the excessive use of force by Palestinian security services against civilians. Moreover, PCHR stresses the importance of security forces to be committed to the shooting standards that oblige security officers to use firearm only in the cases of self-defense or imminent danger according to the principle of disproportionality stipulated in the international standards.

PCHR also highlights the absence of ambulances in scene of the security operation according to the eyewitnesses, is considered a serious indication of neglecting the safety measures by security services. Additionally, it constitutes a clear failure of those responsible for the operation and therefore requires holding them accountable.

PCHR expresses its deep concern over the recurrence of such incidents and calls upon the Attorney General to open an investigation in the incident and publish the results.


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