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PCHR Calls for Investigating Deaths of two Detainees in Nussairat Refugee Camp and Bethlehem

Ref: 37/2015

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) calls upon the
Attorney General to open investigations into the circumstances of the deaths of
two detainees identified as Khaled Hammad al-Belbeisi (41) in the detention
cell in Nussairat police station in the central Gaza Strip and Hazim Yasin
‘Edwan (29) in Bethlehem police directorate, and publish the results.

On Monday morning, 29 June 2015, Khaled Hammad al-Belbeisi, who was
detained in al-Nussairat police station in the central Gaza Strip, was pronounced
dead.  According to information obtained
by PCHR from al-Belbeisi’s family, the family received a phone call on Sunday
afternoon, 28 June 2015, from the police saying that Khaled was at al-Aqsa
Martyrs Hospital in Deir al-Balah in a very serious condition.  When the family arrived at the hospital, they
were informed of his death.  His body was
transferred on the following day morning to Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, where
the forensic department reported that he died of a heart attack.

‘Abdel Rahman Hammad al-Belbeisi (62) said that on Thursday, 25
June 2015, police officers arrested his brother, Khaled, who worked under an
UNRWA temporary job creation program and was married with 4 children, from his
house in Nussairat refugee camp upon a complaint filed by his wife claiming
that he abused her. He added that the police officers took Khaled to
al-Nussairat police station, where he was detained. His family members tried to
visit him the next day, but the police refused to allow them before presenting
him to the prosecutor. The family were informed that he would be detained for
48 hours.  He was questioned about the
charges against him, and his detention period was extended for another 48

Police sources stated that at approximately 19:30 on Sunday, 28
June 2015, al-Belbeisi suffered from breathing difficulties while he was in
detention.  Therefore, he was taken to
al-Nussairat governmental clinic, where he was given two Assival and Decort
injections, and then returned to the cell. 
At approximately 22:30, after the detainees finished the Ishaa’ and Taraweeh
prayers in the yard and came back to their detention cell, they found Khaled’s
body stiff, so he was immediately taken to al-Nussairat clinic, where they
found out that he died.

In a separate incident, at approximately 22:30 on Saturday, 27 June
2015, the Bethlehem Police Directorate declared the death of a detainee, Hazim
Yassin Mahmoud Odwan (29), from al-Eizariya village East of Jerusalem, in the detention
facility of Bethlehem Police Directorate
. Odwan
was arrested on the same day afternoon by the Eizariya police and was taken to
the Bethlehem police station according to two arrest warrants issued by the
Bethlehem and Ramallah courts
. ‘Odwan’s body was
transferred to the forensic center in Bethlehem, and initial results of
checking showed that he died due to the lack of oxygen
learnt that the police opened an investigation into the incident to find out
the circumstances of Odwan’s death


In light of the above:

1. PCHR calls upon the Attorney General and Ministry of
Interior to investigate the deaths of al-Belbeisi and ‘Edwan publish the


2. PCHR stresses that the Palestinian authority is responsible
for the lives of prisoners and detainees under its control and thus is
responsible for treating them with dignity, including offering them medical
care, in accordance with the Correction and Rehabilitation Centers Law 1998.