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Palestinian Killed by Gunmen in Hebron

Security Chaos and Proliferation of Small Arms

Extra-Judicial Execution of Citizens Suspected of Collaboration


Field Update

27 February 2006


Palestinian Killed by Gunmen in Hebron

On Sunday morning, 26 February 2006, the body of Kamel Yousef Khalil El-Edra, a 35-year-old from the village of Yatta (south of Hebron), was found in an open area in the governorate of Hebron.  It was later learned that the victim had been the target of an extra-judicial execution by an armed Palestinian group, for suspected collaboration with Israeli security services.

PCHR’s initial investigation indicates that at approximately 16:30 on Saturday, 25 February 2006, an armed group attacked the house belonging to Ahmad F’hieli, in the village of Bani Na’em (east of Hebron).  Members of the household tried to confront the gunmen, who opened fire, wounding two of the house owner’s sons.  The gunmen then kidnapped the Kamel Yousef Khalil El-Edra, the son-in-law of the house owner.  In the early hours of Sunday morning, the Israeli Liaison Office informed its Palestinian counterpart that there was a dead body lying in an area between Yatta and Bani Na’em.  A Palestinian police force went to the area and found the body of El-Edra.  He held an Israeli ID card and the Palestinian police handed the body to the Israeli occupation forces.

PCHR expresses concern over the continuation of extra-judicial executions perpetrated by armed Palestinian groups against suspected traitors.  This is the second such crime documented by PCHR over the course of the last 3 weeks.  On Wednesday, 8 February 2006, the body of Yaser Mohammad Hassouna (35, from Beach Camp in Gaza) was found near the Community College in the Tal El-Hawa neighbourhood, in the southern area of Gaza City.  Examination of the body revealed that he had been beaten severely on the head, his body was covered with burns and internal bleeding had occurred in the chest area.  The crime remains unsolved.  However, there is information indicating that an armed group was behind this incident, killing the victim for suspected collaboration with Israeli security services.


PCHR condemns these two crimes, and:

          States that these crimes are a form of extra-judicial execution and a flagrant violation of human rights.

          States that it is the responsibility and duty of the Palestinian National Authority and its branches to deal with those suspected of collaborating with Israeli Occupying Forces.  This process must be conducted within the framework of the law, ensuring the legal rights of suspects.  This includes their right to a fair trial.

          Reiterates its strong rejection of the death penalty under any circumstances.  This penalty is a violation of human rights, especially the right to life and the right to freedom from torture and cruel and inhumane treatment.