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The clashes of September 1996



Release no. 3

16 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip Reported Dead and

Over 200 Injured by Israeli Forces

Published @ 11.30 GMT (13.30 local time) 26 September

The protests and demonstrations are continuing throughout the Gaza Strip. Up-to-date information obtained by the Palestinian Centre, as of 13.30 local time, indicates that Israeli soldiers are continuing to employ arbitrary and excessive lethal force against Palestinian demonstrators, resulting in significant casualties. Eight Palestinian civilians, including a 13-year-old-girl and a 12-year-old boy, have been killed and over 200 have been injured, many critically.

In addition, Israeli forces have killed eight Palestinian police officers who were trying to protect Palestinian civilians from the Israeli attacks. It has been reported that the Israeli army is currently bringing in reinforcements to the Gaza Strip.

The situation in hospitals across the Gaza Strip is dire, and the Palestinian National Authority is asking citizens for donations of blood.

The names of the Palestinian citizens, as well as any additional information available regarding residency, age, and the nature of injury follow:

Nura Musa Abu Saad. From Deir al-Balah, 13 years old, shot in head.

Qasim Suleiman Al-Buhisi. From Zawaydah village, 16 years old, head injuries.

Mohammed Al-Bayumi. From Rafah, 16 years old, head injuries.

Hani Jalal Musa. From Deir al-Balah, 18 years old, bodily injuries.

Riziq Suleiman Al-Hawajri. From Zawaydah Village, 30 years old, bodily injuries.

Ahmad Salim Al-Najar. From Khan Younis, 19 years old, head injuries.

Mohammed Abdul Karim Al-Astal. From Khan Younis, 12 years old.

Abdul Majid Saleh Hamad. From Khan Younis, 23 years old, chest injuries.

The names of the Palestinian police killed, as well as any additional information available, follow:

Khalil Abu Nusair. Lieutenant, Naval Police, shot in chest.

Fareed Al Daaleez. Military Intelligence, from Nuseirat, 26 years old.

Bassim Ibrahim Naim. Soldier, Medical Services.

Rajih Yousef Barud. Major, National Security, from Rafah, 41 years old.

Yousef Al-Beshiti. Soldier, National Security, from Al-Maghazi, shot in head.

Amjad Abu Harbeed. Naval Police, from Beit Hanoun.

Qusai Mohammed ‘Akasha. From Jabaliya, 20 years old, shot in neck.

Ala Usama Al-Shurab (details not available).

The Centre is currently attempting to secure further information about each of the above cases, and will release it when available.

The injuries of Palestinians killed and wounded have been sustained in the head, neck, chest, and abdominal areas, clearly demonstrating that Israeli forces are directing their fire with the intention to kill or commit severe injury. This constitutes a use of excessive and arbitrary lethal force, which is being employed by Israeli soldiers against Palestinian civilians without justification. Unarmed Palestinian civilians, in particular a 12-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl, could not possibly have presented a threat to the lives of Israeli soldiers.

The Palestinian Centre calls upon the international community for urgent intervention in order to protect the Palestinian people. It calls upon the international community to pressure the Israeli government to stop the massacres being perpetrated by Israeli forces.