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Reprisals Escalate in the oPt; Settlers and Special Israeli Military Units Continue to Attack Palestinian Civilians in the West Bank and Occupied Jerusalem, and the Israeli Warplanes Continue to Launch Airstrikes on Targets in the Gaza Strip

Ref: 75/2014


Following kidnapping, torturing to death and brutally burning the
body of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, a Palestinian Child from Shu’fat neighborhood in occupied
East Jerusalem, by Israeli settlers, the settlers continued to commit more
crimes against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank.  The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR)
believes that the Israeli forces’ connivance with crimes committed by Israeli
settlers, supporting and protecting them, and failing to enforce the law
against them serve to encourage them to commit more systematic crimes against
Palestinian civilians.  PCHR also
believes that those crimes are part of the constant incitement practiced by the
Israeli government against the Palestinian people resulting in more extremism
and hatred by settlers against Palestinians. 
In the Gaza Strip, the Israeli warplanes launched many airstrikes
targeting paramilitary training sites and civil objects.  As a result, a number of civilian were injured
and others were terrified.


According to investigations conducted by PCHR on the settlers’


On 03 July 2014, PCHR fieldworkers documented a number of attacks
in occupied Jerusalem:

· An
Israeli settler deliberately ran down ‘Adel Nabil Jodah (17) near “Rimot”
settlement, north of the city.  As a
result, he sustained a fracture to the right leg and injuries throughout his

· Three
settlers attempted to kidnap ‘Ammar Ibrahim Abu ‘Asabah (46) in “Sheftai” area
in West Jeruslaem, but he managed to jump out of the car, which he was forcibly
pushed into, and fled away.

· An
Israeli settler opened fire at ‘Ali Ahmed Abu Samrah (30) near the intersection
of al-Ram village, north of the city.  As
a result, he was hit by a bullet to the foot.

· Four
Israeli settlers moved into al-Samah neighborhood from the directioon of
“Pisgat Ze’ev” settlement established on the lands of Beit Haninah, and
attempted to kidnap Mohammed ‘Ali al-Kiswani (7) while he was playing with his
friends in the aforementioned neighborhood. 
However, he shouted and some residents of the area gathered and thwarted
the attack.

· On
the same day, 2 members of the Israeli forces’ special units beat up Tariq Abu
Khdeir with clubs and hands near his house in Shu’fat neighborhood in occupied
Jerusalem.  As a result, he sustained
bruises and injuries to the face, head, chest and back.  He was then arrested.  It should be mentioned that Tariq is the
cousin of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, who was brutally killed by Israeli settlers.


On 04 July 2014, 3 settlers beat up Yousif Ighneimat (25) with
sharp tools in Sourif village, west of Hebron. 
As a result, he sustained fractures to his right hand and deep injuries
in the face and right eye.


In the Gaza Strip, Israeli warplanes targeted a number of paramilitary
training sites, agricultural lands and civilian objects.  Since Thursday morning, 03 July 2014, Israeli
forces have launched 18 airstrikes, in which they fired 39 missiles, on
training sites of armed groups, chicken barns, an under-construction house and
agricultural lands.  As a result, 6
women, including an old woman and pregnant one, were wounded, and a member of
an armed group was wounded as well.  Moreover,
the targeted places were heavily damaged, and Palestinian civilians were
extremely terrified.  Thus, the number of
airstrikes launched by the Israeli forces all over the Gaza Strip since the
abduction of the three settlers has amounted to 60 airstrikes.


PCHR has constantly warned of the escalation of attacks by Israeli
settlers against Palestinian civilians and property.  PCHR strongly condemns these attacks and the
Israeli government’s complicity in them, and:


1. Calls
upon the international community to pressurize Israeli authorities to refrain
from providing protection and connivance to settlers in regards to crimes
committed by them and demands the Israeli government to prosecute settlers who
perpetrate such attacks;

2. Calls
upon the international community to pressurize Israel to comply with its
obligations under the international law and end all settlement activities in
the oPt;

3. Reminds
the international community that settlement is a war crime according to the
international law, so the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva
Convention, individually or jointly, must comply with their legal and moral
obligations, and ensure Israel’s respect for the Convention in the oPt, in
accordance with Article 1 of the Convention; and

4. Condemns
the airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, calls upon the international community to
immediately stop the Israeli crimes and reiterates its call for the High
Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention to comply with their
obligations in Article 1 of the convention.