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Palestinian Security Services Launch Arrest Campaign against Hamas Member in the West Bank



Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR)
 is deeply
concerned over a wide-scale arrest campaign launched by security services in
the West Bank last week against a number of Hamas members.  PCHR calls upon the national unity government
in Ramallah to take clear measures that completely compel the law enforcement
authorities to fully comply with the law and completely stop arrests on
political grounds.


to investigations conducted by PCHR, on Sunday evening, 08 March 2015, the security
services in the West Bank launched an arrest campaign throughout the West Bank
against 32 Hamas members as follows:


Tulkarm, the General Intelligence Service (GIS) arrested ‘Abdullah Yasin ‘Abdullah
Foqahaa’ (50), a Hamas leader, from his house in Kafr al-Labad village east of
Tulkarm; Sadeq Samih Sadeq al-Qarout (51), a teacher, from the Teacher’s
Housing north of the city; and Rushdi Husni Nemer Jayousi (46), a teacher, from
Ertah Street south of Tulkarm. A GIS forces raided a house belonging to ‘Ammar
Kamal Mahmoud Manna’a (40) in Abu Taqah Mountain, east of the city.  However, they could not arrest him as he was
not at home then.

Jenin, the GIS arrested Issam ‘Abdel Rahman 
Yousif Shalabi (65) and Aktham Rafiq Sadeq Abu ‘Abeid (43) from Jenin,
and ‘Ali ‘Abdel Qader Qasem ‘Atiq (56) from Burqin village, west of the city.

Nablus, the security services arrested Abdul Hakim Wasif al-Qadeh (47), from
al-Ettihad Street, and Sameeh Suleiman Eleiwi (52), from the northern mount.
They also raided a house belonging to Ramez Abu Salha (47) in al-Ta’awon Street.
It should be noted that Abu Salha who works in Nablus municipality, was
arrested by the security services on Thursday, 05 March 2015

Tubsa, the security services arrested Nader Mostafa Sawafta (39) and Osama Sati
Sawafta (32) from Tubas; Ahmed DaifAllah Rashad Sawalma (45) from al-Far’ah
refugee camp south of the city; and Ali Mohammed Hamad Bani Ouda (45) from
Tamoun village southeast of the city

Hebron, the GIS carried out house raids in a number of neighborhoods in Hebron.
They arrested four Hamas members: Safwan Talal Akram Abu Snaina (20) from
al-Malek street; Hazem Durr Nemer al-Fakhouri (40) from Sha’aba neighborhood,
whose house was searched without a search warrant, his family was insulted and
PC set and cell phones were confiscated; Tha’er Zeyad al-Fakhouri (24) from Abu
Kteila street; and Zaid Ekrema Mostafa Qawasma (29) from Ein Sarah street

Ramallah and al-Bireh, the security services arrested Abdul Shafi Dahla (28);
Mos’ab Fathi Barari (27); Osaid Hashash (21); Salah Hmeida (42); Mohammed
Hassouna (28) and Karim Qert (24), who are all from Beitounia village, west of
Ramallah. Dahla was arrested by the Preventive Security Service (PSS) while the
others were arrested by the GIS

Jericho, the PSS arrested Sobhi Abdul Aziz Drei’at (37); Rashid al-Khateeb
(42); Khaled Barahma (29); Eyad Hamdi (30); and Hazem al-Shweiki (44).

Qalqilya, the GIS arrested Ahmed Mostafa Kharouf Shreim (34)

Salfit, the GIS arrested Hamam Hassan Saloum Mer’i (46), a mosque Imam, from
Qarawet Bani Zaid village, northwest of Salfit.     

Bethlehem, the security services arrested Dr. Ghassan ‘Isa Mohammed Hermas, a
lecturer at al-Quds Open University.


PCHR is deeply concerned over the arrest campaign and:

1. Calls
upon the national unity government in Ramallah to fully adhere to the law and
completely stop arrests on political grounds;

2. Reminds
of the Palestinian High Court of Justice ruling on 20 February 1999, which
considers political arrests illegal, and all executive bodies must respect the
court ruling and abstain from carrying out illegal political arrests; and

3. Calls
upon Palestinian security services to fully comply with the constitution and
other relevant laws and to respect human rights.