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In Less Than 12 Hours, Israeli Forces Kill 4 Palestinian Civilians, Including Pregnant Woman, Her Child and another Child, and Wound 24 Others, Including 3 Children and Woman, in the Gaza Strip



excessive lethal force in the Gaza Strip, Israeli forces killed in less than 12 hours 4 Palestinian civilians: a pregnant woman and her child in an airstrike
on their house, and a young man and a child in a shooting incident. Moreover,
they wounded 24 civilians, including three children and a woman. Thus, the
number of Palestinians killed in the Gaza Strip since Friday afternoon has increased
to 11, including two children. In addition, the number of the wounded has reached
91, including 20 children and a woman.


In the
West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, for the second consecutive week, Israeli
forces have continued to open fire at Palestinian protestors in different areas,
and the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces since 01 October 2015,
has risen to 11 while the number of Palestinians wounded by live and metal
bullets has reached 590, including 74 children, six journalists, three women
and a physician. Furthermore, dozens of Palestinian civilians have suffered
tear gas inhalation or sustained bruises as they were chased by Israeli


to investigations conducted by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR)
regarding the Israeli escalation in the Gaza Strip, at approximately 15:45 on
Saturday, 10 October 2015, a group of Palestinian young men and children headed
to the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel, east of al-Faraheen area in
Abasan village, east of Khan Yunis in the south of the Gaza Strip. Once they
approached the border fence, they started throwing stones at Israeli forces
positioned behind the fence. Israeli forces sporadically fired live bullets and
tear gas canisters in response. As a result, two Palestinian civilians,
including a child, were killed and three others sustained moderate wounds. The civilians
who were killed were identified as:

1. Marwan
Hisham Na’im Barbakh (10), from Khan Yunis, hit by a live bullet to the left
shoulder; and

2. Khalil
Omer Mousa Othman (18), from Khan Yunis, hit by a live bullet to the chest.

In a
heinous willful killing crime, Israeli warplanes raided a house without prior
warning while its occupants were inside. As a result, a 5-month pregnant woman
and her child were killed, the rest of the family were wounded and the house
was completely destroyed.


to PCHR’s investigations, at approximately 02:10 on Sunday, 11 October 2015, an
Israeli warplane fired two missiles at a 160-square-meter house belonging to
Yehya Sa’di Mohammed Hassan (26) in al-Zaitoun neighborhood, south of Gaza City.
As a result of the explosion that rocked the area, 5-month pregnant Nour Rasmi
Mohammed Hassan (26) and her child, Rahaf Yehya Sa’di Hassan (3), were killed.
Moreover, Nour’s husband sustained shrapnel wounds throughout his body and
fractures to the legs and their son, Mohammed Yehya Sa’di Hassan (5), sustained
shrapnel wounds throughout the body. Three others, who are the cousins of Yehya
and living near his house, including a child, were wounded. They were
identified as:

1. Mohammed
Nasser Mohammed Hassan (23), wounded by shrapnel to the shoulder;

2. His
sister Salsabeel (12), wounded by shrapnel throughout the body; and

3. Their
mother Najah al-Abed Mohammed Hassan (45), wounded by shrapnel to the back.


In shooting
incidents, Israeli forces opened fire at Palestinian protestors in the
following areas: east of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip; around Beit Hanoun
(Erez) crossing in the northern Gaza Strip; and east of Gaza City. As a result,
11 Palestinian civilians were wounded, including three children.


Hebron in the south of West Bank, on Saturday afternoon, Ibrahim Ahmed Awad
(28) was pronounced dead as he succumbed to wounds he had sustained on 08
October 2015 during clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces. Awad was
wounded by a rubber-coated metal bullet to the head. The clashes between
Palestinian civilians and Israeli forces continued in different areas in the
West Bank and occupied Jerusalem. In occupied East Jerusalem, 30 Palestinian
civilians were wounded yesterday; seven of whom were wounded by live bullets and
the others sustained rubber-coated metal bullet wounds. Among the wounded were
3 journalists, including a female one. The wounded journalists were identified

1. Mona
al-Qawasmi (40), a reporter at al-Quds Newspaper. She was wounded by a live bullet
wound to the hand as an Israeli sniper fired at her directly.

2. Ali
al-Diwani (24), a freelance photojournalist. He was wounded by a rubber-coated
metal bullet wound to the chest; and

3. Feras
al-Jo’ba (27), freelance photojournalist. He was wounded by a rubber-coated
metal bullet to the chin.


27 Palestinian civilians, including four children, were wounded in different
areas in Ramallah.


strongly condemns the use of excessive force by Israeli forces against the
Palestinian civilians in disregard for the their lives.  PCHR calls upon the international community
to take immediate and effective actions to put an end to such crimes and
reiterates its call for the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva
Convention of 1949 to fulfill their obligations under Article 1; i.e., to
respect and to ensure respect for the Convention in all circumstances, and
their obligation under Article 146 to prosecute persons alleged to commit grave
breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention. 
These grave breaches constitute war crimes under Article 147 of the same
Convention and Protocol I Additional to the Geneva Conventions.



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