Appreciating the difficult economic conditions that thousands of Palestinian families live under as a result of the measures taken by the Israeli occupying forces, and in an attempt to ease the burden of the next school year, the



PCHR supervises the "Schoolbag" campaign


Far from its regular activities, the PCHR has distributed 2200 packages of school stationery to 76 schools and educational institutions throughout the Gaza Strip. This is in appreciation of the difficult economic conditions thousands of Palestinian families endure under the Israeli policies of closure, siege and isolation, and in a serious attempt to help needy families and contribute to easing their burden with regard to providing school material for their children. 


PCHR agreed to adopt the "Schoolbag" campaign, in response to several requests from delegations from the International Civil Protection for the Palestinian People. After a series of visits that PCHR organized for these delegations to a number of Palestinian areas regularly subjected to crimes perpetrated by Israeli occupying forces, in order for them to see the living conditions there, many members of these delegations expressed their will to contribute with assistance to Palestinian school children. A number of individuals as well as several charity organizations and institutions, which support the struggle of the Palestinian people and their rights to self-determination, life and education, have financed the campaign. 


In light of the current difficult situation the Palestinian society endures as a result of the war of starvation waged by Israeli occupying forces against the Palestinians through policies of isolation, siege and closure, which in turn have a disastrous economic and social impacts on people and prevent thousands of income providers from reaching their work places in Israel, PCHR expects the next school year, like preceding ones, to constitute a burden on many Palestinian families, whose children have school expenses. In addition, thousands of Palestinians have lost their jobs in the Gaza strip due to the restrictions imposed by Israeli occupying forces on internal movement. This has not only impeded the students from reaching their schools, but has also deprived them from their basic school needs due to the disability of the households to provide such needs. This in turn has caused many students to leave school. 


It is worth mentioning that the campaign has begun late in this school year as donations destined for this purpose have arrived late. The campaign has included the distribution of hundreds of packages of school stationery upon consultation with those working in the field of education and who have advised the immediate distribution of such packages, in an attempt to assist children of needy families. 


PCHR is expected to continue its support for the "Schoolbag" campaign, in an attempt to ease the burden of the next school year for thousands of Palestinian families. In this context, PCHR hopes that the donated contributions will reach the bank account designed for this purpose on time, in order to be able to provide students with schoolbags and packages of school stationery before the beginning of the school year in September. PCHR addresses its thanks to all of those who have contributed, and to those who will contribute to the success of this initiative. 


Donations can be sent to:


Palestine International Bank 87

Gaza Branch 492

Omar al-Mukhtar Street, Gaza

Swift no. PAITPS 22

Corresponding Bank: CITI Bank, NY

Account no. 200092

Name of the account: Emergency Finance for Palestine