PCHR Position Papers


PCHR publishes position papers to track current events and contribute to the immediate debate surrounding issues of importance on both the Israeli and Palestinian agendas.
Position Paper : On General Elections in the Palestinian National Authority: No Elections without Reconciliation 24 January  2010
PCHR Position Paper: Reconciliation Is a Prerequisite for Elections; Presidential Decree is Constitutionally Sound, But Inappropriate and Impossible without Reconciliation  25 June 2009
PCHR Position Paper:PCHR has Reservations about Regulations Adopted in the Context of Ongoing Political Fragmentation 23 June 2009
PCHR Position Paper: Controversy over End of Presidential Term in Office (pdf)  
PCHR Calls On the International Community to Prevent a Humanitarian Catastrophe in Gaza
 PCHR Situation Assessment: Palestinians continue to be stranded at Rafah International Crossing Point and in Al-Arish
Position Paper Extra-Judicial Execution  December 2007
Position Paper Execution for Alleged Collaboration (pdf)   12 December 2006

Position Paper  Death Penalty under the Palestinian National Authority  (pdf) 14 September 2006

Punishing the Victim PCHR Position Paper on the Decision to Stop International Aid to the Palestinian National Authority 20 April  2006

Position Paper Securing the Wall from International Law: an initial response to the Israeli State Attorney. April 2005
Position Paper Human Rights and the lessons of ‘peace plans’: from the Geneva Accords to Sharon’s disengagement plan. February 2005

Position Paper Sharon’s Gaza Redeployment plan: a denial of human rights, not an end to occupation. (pdf) October 2004

Position Paper Palestinian Internal Situation and Challenges of Reform. August 2004

Position Paper The EU’s Failure to Act: Israeli Violations of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law in the OPTs  April 2004
Position Paper Open Letter to European Presidency Calling for Action to Protect Palestinian Civilians.
Position Paper Switzerland and the Geneva Accord: Undermining the Rule of Law. November 2003

Position Paper Obstruction of International Humanitarian, Development and Human Rights Workers. June 2003

Position Paper Waiting for the Unlikely: PNA "Reforms. (pdf)  June 2002