Communique from the 40 Internationals in Muqataa



For the Presidents and Heads of State of Europe




We, participants in the International Civil Mission for the protection of the Palestinian people, direct ourselves to the president of the European Council of Ministers of the European Union, Mr. Josť Maria Aznar from the presidential palace at Ramallah of Yasser Arafat, the only legitimate representative of his people and symbol of the resistance of the Palestinian people. Our presence here has the objective to assure the protection of President Yasser Arafat. It is also call launched  to Europe to face its responsibility, on the political as well as on the level of human dignity and universal values.


Our presence here makes us witness of the barbarian war that the government of Ariel Sharon intensifies since 10 days. After the war of the camps one month ago, the Israeli army invests all the autonomous zones and commits systematic massacres in Jenine and Nablous, and occupies and devastates the town of Ramallah, depriving its inhabitants of water, of electricity, supplies, access to care and means of communication. It besieges the elected president of the Palestinian people in what remains of the buildings in ruin of the palace of Mukataa.


We denounce these acts that represent a violation of the 4th Convention of Geneva and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We denounce the deficiency of the international institutions and the absence of governments regarding their responsibilities in relation to the Palestinian people and to history.

We denounce the arrests and expulsions of the delegations of civil missions and the criminalisation by Israel of the action of the international civil mission that have as the only goal to remove the witnesses of the actions of the Israeli army.


Mr. Aznar, we ask you to intervene urgently with the government of Israel to require an immediate end to the operations of ethnic cleansing, carried out in Nablouse, Jenine and other towns, and the immediately releases of the autonomous Palestinian zones which it has just re-occupied, and the immediate evacuation of Ramallah and a removal of the siege imposed on the presidential palace.

We ask you to make any effort to obtain the retreat from the occupied territories and the sending of an international force of protection.



The 40 internationalists of the Muqataa