Help Stop Caterpillar, Inc.


Throughout the Israeli belligerent occupation, now in its 39th year, Caterpillar, Inc., a US based cooperation, has supplied the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) with Caterpillar bulldozers and other products.  The specifically designed bulldozers have carried out the IOF’s illegal home demolition policy in the Gaza Strip and West Bank.  CAT products have been used by the IOF to destroy ten of thousands of homes of Palestinian civilians rendering homeless countless thousands of men, women and children.  In 2005 CAT products continue to be used in 2005 to destroy Palestinian homes and infrastructure.  CAT products are also being used to raze thousands of donums of Palestinian land in the OPT that has increased the humanitarian crises which has left 48% of Palestinians living below the poverty line according to the World Bank.  Further, CAT bulldozers have been directly responsible for the deaths of at least 11 persons during home demolitions in the current Intifada, including American human rights defender Rachel Corrie, as well as injuries to scores of others.   

PCHR is part of a world wide campaign to stop Caterpillar products from bulldozing Palestinian homes and committing other human rights' violations.  PCHR is a partner in a landmark lawsuit filed by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) charging the company with responsibility for human rights abuses in the OPT.  The lawsuit alleges that Caterpillar, Inc. violated international and US state law by providing the bulldozers to the IOF that it knew would be used to demolish homes and endanger civilians. 

PCHR is also supporting attempts to boycott Caterpillar products, including in Limerick, Ireland, where the City Council are faced with a motion banning all Caterpillar products from their construction sites.

PCHR supports these actions and ask other civil society activists and members of the public to become active in the efforts to stop Caterpillar products from bulldozing Palestinian homes, land and lives: write letters to Caterpillar, Inc. CEO Jim Owens, boycott Caterpillar products, encourage your local councils to pass motions boycotting Caterpillar products. 

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