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Weekly Reports

In January 2001, PCHR launched a series of Weekly Reports on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Published every Thursday, the Weekly Reports are compiled by PCHR’s fieldworkers and represent a comprehensive record of human rights violations that week in the Gaza Strip, with additional information on abuses committed in the West Bank. Index of Weekly Reports

Annual Reports

PCHR’s Annual Reports contain information on the overall human rights situation in the Gaza Strip, a summary of the Centre’s activities, and a financial statement. Index of Annual Reports

Closure Reports

PCHR has published a series of reports on the effects of Israel’s draconian closure policy on the Gaza Strip since 1996, at an accelerated pace since the tightening of the closure in October 2000. The closures constitute a form of collective punishment and therefore violate international law. They have a disruptive and devastating impact on the Palestinian economy as well as on everyday life. Index of Closure Reports

Election Reports

PCHR monitors transparency and adherence to democratic standards in municipal and national elections conducted under areas controlled by the PNA. Index of Election Reports

Demolition & Land Sweeping Reports

Since the start of the Al-Aqsa Intifada, Israeli occupying forces have razed thousands of donums of agricultural land in the Gaza strip and demolished hundreds of homes and buildings. PCHR documents the destruction of land and property, issuing regular reports. Index of Land Sweeping Reports

Silencing the Press

Targeting Palestinian and international journalists has become a disturbing trend in the activities of Israeli occupying forces. Given the importance of the media in highlighting the suffering of the Palestinian people and exposing abuses committed by Israeli occupying forces, it is imperative to preserve the freedom of the press. Index of Silencing the Press


A prominent feature of Israeli policy in the OPT is tracking down and assassinating both militants and political leaders. These extra-judicial executions violate international law have been universally condemned. Index of Assassination Reports

Palestinian Medical Personnel: Between Fire and Their Work

Palestinian medical personnel have been frequent targets of Israeli forces during the al-Aqsa Intifada, despite their protected status under international humanitarian law. Index of Medical Reports

Special Reports


PCHR also issues reports on various specialised topics. Index of Special Reports



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