Photographs by Ed O'Loughlin taken in Rafah , May 2004

Permission for use of images granted to PCHR only.

Asma and Ahmed Al-Mughair were shot by Israeli snipers whilst they stood on the roof of their house in Rafah on 18 May 2004, during the Israeli military offensive, “Operation Rainbow”.  Ahmed and Asma both received one bullet to the head.


Caption: A view of the Al Mughair family rooftop where Asma (16) and Ahmed (13) were shot dead on Tuesday, May 18th. The picture is taken through a firing hole smashed in the wall of an abandoned Israeli snipers' nest 150 meters away. The impact hole from one of the bullets fired at the rescuers is visible as a black spot on the wall inside the stairwell, just above and to the right of the white satellite dish.  Copyright Ed O'Loughlin 2004


Caption: Asma and Ahmed Al Mughair, both on left, in a family photo with their mother Sirya, center


Caption: An empty ammunition box discarded in the sniper's nest from which Asma and Ahmed Al Mughair were allegedly shot dead last Tuesday. The Hebrew writing says "20 rounds 7.62 mm ammunition for use of snipers". Copyright Ed O'Loughlin 2004


Caption: Ali Al Mughair stands at the spot on the roof where his sister Asma was shot dead on Tuesday last week (18 may). His brother Ahmed was shot moments later as he tried to flee the rooftop. The sniper's hole from which the shots were allegedly fired is visible as a dark spot in the white wall above Ali's head.  Copyright Ed O'Loughlin 2004


 Caption: A family portrait of Rawan Mohammed Said Abu Ziad, shot dead by Israeli fire in Rafah on Saturday a day short of her fifth birthday.


Caption: Left to right: Step sister Sabah (2), sister Huda (9), cousin Fatma (8) were crossing an alleyway near their home in Rafah on Saturday morning with Rawan Mohammed Siad Abu Ziad (5) was fatally shot in the head by a bullet apparently fired from an Israeli tank.  Copyright Ed O'Loughlin 2004