Destruction of Land and Property[1]


To read the relevant Articles in international humanitarian law applying to destruction and expropriation of private houses and land click on the blue words. Read the definition of civilian objects here.   


  • More than 2996 houses in the Gaza strip has been completely demolished by the Israeli occupying forces since the outbreak of the intifada, rendering thousands of Palestinian civilians homeless. 

  • 3268 houses have been damaged and/or rendered completely uninhabitable by indiscriminate shelling, shooting, and bombardment by Israeli forces using heavy machine guns, tanks, helicopter gunships, and F-16 fighter planes.

  • Approximately 41.345 dunums square meters of land in the Gaza strip, most of it agricultural, has been razed by the Israelis, much of which has been seized for use by Israeli settlers.

  • Approximately 825 businesses, factories, or schools have been destroyed or damaged in the Gaza strip.


[Last updated November 2008]


[1] PCHR data.