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19 Jul 2006


Preventive Security Member Killed & Others Injured in an Explosion in the House of a Senior Preventive Security Officer

Yesterday afternoon, a guard was killed at the house of a Preventive Security officer, Nabil Tammous, and two others were injured when unknown gunmen detonated explosives in the officer's house in Naser Quarter in Gaza City. The house was partially destroyed.

PCHR's preliminary investigation indicates that at approximately 13:30 on Tuesday, 18 July 2006, 20 masked gunmen in two minibuses without license plates arrived at the house of Colonel Nabil Tammous, the commander of the protection unit in the Preventive Security Apparatus. The house is located in the Naser Quarter in Gaza City. The five house guards were eating in the ground floor at the time. The gunmen stormed the house and detained the guards and stripped them of their weapons and clothes. The gunmen handcuffed the guards and took them out of the house. Then the gunmen planted explosives in the ground floor of the house. They informed the residents of surrounding houses to leave their houses and move away from the area. Afterwards, they detonated the explosives and left.

The explosion resulted in the partial destruction of the house, and in killing one of the guards who was inside the house. The guard who died is Nahed Abdel Karim Abu El-Qomboz, a 25-year old resident of Sheja'eya Quarter. He was killed by shrapnel to the head. In addition, two of the guards detained outside the house were injured by shrapnel. The injured guards are: Bassam Khamis Zayed (30) and Wafi Jamil Barakat (21).

PCHR strongly condemns this crime, and is gravely concerned over the continued use of arms by armed individuals and groups, which have become prominent features of the ongoing security chaos in the region.  The Centre calls upon the Palestinian National Authority, represented by the Attorney-General, to investigate these crimes, and to bring the perpetrators to justice.


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