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22 March 2009


Two Children Killed in Gaza Whilst Playing with Suspicious Object

Two children were killed in a suburb of Gaza City on Saturday, 21 March, whilst playing with a suspicious object. Fourteen year old Mohammed Hijji and fifteen year old Ahmed Shneiwra were killed instantly when the object exploded in the al-Zeitoun district east Gaza City.

The boys were killed at approximately 17:30 on Saturday, 21 March, near their homes in al-Zaytoun. Medical sources at the Forensic Medicine Department in al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City reported the two boys had sustained multiple shrapnel injuries and both died instantly.  

Palestinian police sources informed PCHR that they had opened an investigation into the incident, but they have not yet obtained any data about the suspicious object.

PCHR is gravely concerned about increasing casualties resulting from the misuse of weapons, and calls upon all relevant authorities to introduce relevant and appropriate controls to eradicate risks.





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