Security Chaos and Proliferation of Weapons

Misuse of Weapons by Armed Groups or Security Personnel

Field Update

15 February 2009



A Woman Shot and Killed in Gaza

On the afternoon of Saturday, 14 February 2009, a woman was shot and killed in al-Mughraqa village, south of Gaza City.

According to investigations conducted by PCHR, at approximately 14:30 on Saturday, 14 February, fourty six year old Buthaina Mohammed Abu Rabee' was seriously injured by a gunshot to her chest whilst she was inside her house in al-Mughraqa village, south of Gaza City. She was evacuated to a Gaza City hospital, but medical efforts to save her life failed.

According to the victim's son, Hamada Abu Rabee', his mother was killed whilst militants were training several hundred metres away, in the area that used to known as "Nitzarim settlement," which was evacuated by IOF in 2005.

PCHR is gravely concerned about the increasing number of casualties resulting from misuse of weapons. PCHR reiterates its call for all relevant authorities to take the necessary measures to ensure an end to security chaos through the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT).





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