Security Chaos

Use of Weapons in Personal and Clan Clashes

Field Update

22 May 2008


Physician Abducted and Injured by Unknown Gunmen in Khan Yunis 

The physician Ala El-Deen Emran from Khan Yunis was injured by a bullet in the left foot fired at him by unknown gunmen who abducted him and beat him before the shooting. The motive for the attack is not known, noting that the attack is a continuation of the security chaos plaguing the OPT.

PCHR’s preliminary investigation and the victim’s testimony indicate that at approximately 18:30 on Wednesday, 21 May, three masked gunmen in a car intercepted Dr. Ala El-Deen Hamdi Emarn (30), who is a volunteer in the Palestinian Red Cerscent Society Clinic in Ma’an area in Khan Yunis. The incident took place as Dr. Emran was in a car on his way home with his colleagues Dr. Ayman El-Ghalban and Dr. Abdallah Barbakh. The gunmen got out of their car and forced Emarn to disembark from his car. They took him to an agricultural area north of the European Hospital in Khan Yunis. Along the way, they covered his face and beat him and directed curses at him. The gunmen then threw him out of the car and fired at him, injuring him with a bullet in the left foot. Then they fled the scene. Area residents took the injured physician to the European Hospital. He submitted an official complaint to the Police in the hospital. 

PCHR is concerned over the continuation of these attacks, which are part of the security chaos plaguing the OPT. The Center calls upon the relevant authorities to investigate this attack and prosecute the perpetrators.


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