Security Chaos and Proliferation of Weapons

Misuse of Weapons by Armed Groups and Security Forces

Field Update

14 April 2008


A Palestinian Killed and 2 Others Seriously wounded in a Mysterious Explosion in Northern Gaza

On Sunday morning, 13 April 2008, a Palestinian was killed and 2 others were seriously wounded as a result of a mysterious explosion that occurred in a house in the northern Gaza Strip town of Jabalya.

According to investigations conducted by PCHR, at approximately 10:40 on Sunday, 13 April 2008, a heavy explosion occurred in a house belonging to Nour al-Din Ahmed al-Mutawaq in Jabalya town in the northern Gaza Strip. The explosion was followed by successive ones and fire broke out in the house. Medical and civil defense crews arrived at the area to extinguish fire and evacuate the wounded. They found the body of one of the owner’s sons, 17-year-old Hussein, inside the house. They also evacuated two young men who were seriously wounded. 

According to PCHR’s field investigations and eyewitnesses’ testimonies, the explosions resulted from home-made bombs.

PCHR is gravely concerned over increasing casualties resulting from the misuse of weapons, and calls upon concerned bodies to take effective measures to ensure the non-occurrence of such incidents and to provide protection for civilians and their property.


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