Security Chaos

Use of Arms in Clan and Personal Disputes

Field Update

9 January 2008


Woman Killed and 3 Persons Injured in a Clan Clash in Central Gaza

Najwa Aqel El-Sayyed (45) from Nuseirat Refugee Camp was killed and three others, including a woman, were injured in an intra-clan clash involving members of the Abu Medden clan.

PCHR’s preliminary investigation indicates that at approximately 17:00 on Monday, 7 January, a clash erupted between members of the Abu Medden clan near Salah El-Deen Road in the Central Gaza Strip. The clash was over ownership of a piece of land. It escalated into an armed clash. As a result, Najwa Aqel El-Sayyed was hit by a bullet in the neck and her niece, Najwa Mohammad Abd El-Al (20), was injured by a bullet in the right shoulder, as both were traveling in a car along Salah El-Deen Road. Both were immediately taken to the Nuseirat Refugee Camp clinic. Efforts to save Najwa El-Sayyed’s life failed. Two members of the Abu Medden clan were also injured: Kamal Ahmad Abu Medden (46) and Zeyad Mousa Abu Medden (30).

PCHR is concerned over the continued falling of victims as a result of use of arms in clan and personal disputes, which is a continuation of the security chaos plaguing the OPT. The Centre reiterates the call to the PNA, represented by the Attorney-General, to investigate these crimes and prosecute the perpetrators.



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