Security Chaos

Misuse of Weapons by Armed Groups or Security Personnel

Field Update

25 October 2007

Woman Killed in Mysterious Circumstances in Gaza City

PCHR’s preliminary investigation indicates that at approximately 16:00 on Wednesday, 24 October 2007, the body of Lina Fathi Soboh (23), a student in Al-Azhar University, was found in the main street in Sheja’eya Quarter in eastern Gaza City. Gunmen traveling in a car kidnapped Soboh at approximately 12:30 on Monday (22 October) as she was near a restaurant in Omar Mukhtar Street in the center of Gaza City. Medical sources informed PCHR that Soboh’s hands were tied; and that she suffered multiple bullet hits all over her body. The motive for the crime was not established.

PCHR strongly condemns this crime, which is a continuation of the security chaos plaguing the OPT. The Centre calls upon the PNA, represented by the Attorney-General, to investigate this crime and prosecute the perpetrators.



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