Security Chaos

Armed Personal and Clan Clashes

Field Update

30 September 2007


Palestinian Killed and Ambulance Driver Injured in Armed Clan and Personal Clashes

Over the past 3 days, a Palestinian was killed by his brother in the town of El-Samou’ near Hebron and an ambulance driver was seriously injured during a clash between gunmen in Nablus. In addition, gunmen fired shots at Juneid Prison in Nablus; but no injuries were reported.

PCHR’s preliminary investigation indicates that at approximately 19:40 on Thursday, 27 September 2007, Ali Issa Abdallah El-Khalayla (40) from El-Samou’ near Hebron arrived at his brother’s house, Bilal (38), and asked him to come out to talk to him. Bilal came out and headed to his brother who shot him from a pistol at a distance of 12-15 meters. Bilal was killed instantly by 3 bullets to the chest and abdomen. The killer ran away. The victim’s family stated that the crime was motivated by a dispute over a lot of land. The victim was married and father to 5 children.

At approximately 18:15 on Thursday, 27 September, an armed clash erupted between gunmen from Abu Salheya clan and gunmen from the old city in Nablus. The clashes took place in Schools street in the eastern part of the Nablus. An ambulance driver, Adnan Jaser El-Soso (50), from the Palestinian Red Crescent Society was returning home from work in his private car. He was hit by a bullet to the back of the head. He was transferred from Rafedya Hospital to an Israeli hospital due to the severity of his injury. It is noted that El-Soso was injured by shrapnel to the chest on 18 August 2004 when he was on duty transporting the injured during an Israeli incursion into the city.

And at approximately 00:00 on Friday, gunmen traveling in 3 vehicles fired machine guns at Jneid Prison in Nablus, and ran away. The Nablus Governor, Dr. Jamal Muheisin, accused Hamas of providing guns to lawbreakers to create chaos and disorder. He stated, “the security forces in Nablus have full information that persons in Hamas are providing lawbreaking elements and Fatah members with weapons, and are encouraging them to perpetrate these acts in order to undermine the security operation in Nablus.” Hamas denied that they fired at Jneid Prison and denied the governor’s allegations.

PCHR is concerned over the continued falling of victims by the use of weapons in personal and clan clashes, which is a continuation of the security chaos in the OPT. The Centre reiterates the call to the PNA, represented by the Attorney-General, to investigate this crime and prosecute the perpetrators.


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