Security Chaos

Armed Personal and Clan Clashes

Field Update

30 September 2007


2 Injured in Clashes between Gaza Clan and El-Qassam Battalions

PCHR’s preliminary investigation indicates that at approximately 1:00 on Friday, 28 September 2007, an armed clash broke out between members of El-Deiri clan and members of Izzedeen El-Qassam Battalions near Mosab Bin Omayr Mosque in Tal El-Hawa Quarter in southern Gaza City. Two members of El-Deiri clan were injured, one of them seriously:

- Mohammad Tawfiq El-Deiri (40), seriously injured by a bullet in the abdomen. He was transferred to an Israeli hospital for treatment.

- Ahmad Mohammad El-Deiri (58), injured by shrapnel in various parts of the body.

Sources in El-Deiri clan indicated that the clash erupted when one of the clan members abducted a member of El-Qassam Battalions and held him in his house in Tal El-Hawa Quarter to force him to pay money owned to the clan member. As a result, El-Qassam Battalions attempted to free the abductee. The kidnapper called members of his clan; and both sides exchanged fire.

PCHR is concerned over the continued falling of victims by the use of weapons in personal and clan clashes, which is a continuation of the security chaos in the OPT. The Centre reiterates the call to the PNA, represented by the Attorney-General, to investigate this crime and prosecute the perpetrators.



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