Universal Jurisdiction -  The Case Against Impunity

PCHR Documents


Exchange of Letters on Universal Jurisdiction – The Guardian 10 January  2010

Justice Denied: Dutch Court Denies Appeal Petition in Ayalon Torture Case 30 October 2009

PCHR will Appeal to Supreme Court against Spanish Appeals Court’s Decision 30 June 2009

Defense of Universal Jurisdiction Speech Presented to Conference in Madrid on Behalf of PCHR Director, Raji Sourani 23 June 2009

PCHR and Spanish Civil Society Organize Conferences in Madrid In Defense of Universal Jurisdiction 21 June 2009

Parliamentary Lobbying: call for Assistance 28 May 2009

PCHR Clarify Confusion Regarding Spanish Parliament Proposal Concerning Universal Jurisdiction Legislation 21 May 2009

PCHR welcomes the Spanish National Court’s decision to continue investigating suspected Israeli war criminals 04 May 2009

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights Welcomes Decision of Spanish Court to Investigate War Crimes Committed by IOF in Gaza 29 January 2009


PCHR Submits Lawsuit against Israeli Officials via Spanish National Court 25 June  2008

New Zealand Attorney General stays prosecution of Israeli war crimes suspect, enabling him to evade international justice (30-november 2006)

More Than 650 Palestinian Prisoners from the Gaza Strip Are Still Detained in Israeli Jails  (21 September 2005)

Anyone Responsible for Perverting the Court of Justice Must also Face Prosecution (12 September 2005)

Israeli war crimes suspect evades British justice after UK court issues warrant (11 September 2005)

Militar israelí, sospechoso de cometer crímenes de Guerra evade la justicia Británica  espués de que los tribunales británicos  lanzaran  la orden de  detención. (11 September 2005)


Reports from other links  and relevant articles:

UK Activists Seek Arrest of Israeli Officers  The New York Times  27 October 2009

Ehud Olmert could face war crimes arrest if he visits UK Guardian  27 October 2009

Ha'aretz Article on the Pursuit of War Criminals using the principle of Universal Jurisdiction 27 October 2009

Report: IDF may face 936 lawsuits over Gaza op Yedioth Ahronoth  07 May 2009

WAR CRIMES IN GAZA? Palestinian Lawyers Take on Israel  Article in Der Spiegel International, By Juliane von Mittelstaedt in Gaza City  (German) 06 June 2009


FIDH Universal Jurisdiction: Fighting Impunity Worldwide  03 June 2009

Hemos pasado del no a la guerra al sí al crimen de guerra 02 June 2009

The EMHRN Supports Universal Jurisdiction 29 May 2009


Quien teme a la justicia universal 26 May 2009

There's no judicial activism quite like Spain's judicial activism. Washington Post 24 May 2009

Spain must resist diplomatic pressure to limit application of universal jurisdiction 22 May 2009

Jurisdiccion universal: De la Vega afirma que la limitaction de la justicia internacional no sera un retroceso 23 May 2009

The value of laws according to the Spanish parliament 19 May 2009

FIDH  Spanish Judiciary confirms its jurisdiction to investigate war crimes allegedly committed in Gaza in 2002 07 May 2009

Universal jurisdiction has hounded Israel for 7 years Jerusalem Post  05 May 2009

Dichter: Spain fails to distinguish terror from anti-terror measures Yedioth Ahronoth  04 May 2009

Israeli officials forming united front against Spanish lawsuit Yedioth Ahronoth  04 May 2009

Israel: Spanish legal system hijacked Jerusalem Post  04 May 2009


Spain okays Gaza war crimes probe against Israelis Haaretz Editorial  04 May 2009


Foreign Office accused of hindering human rights lawyers in Gaza Strip  The Guardian   22 April  2009


Spanish court green-lights Gaza probe Yedioth Ahronoth 27 February   2009


IDF: War crime charges over Gaza offensive are 'legal terror'  Haaretz Editorial 19 February   2009


'Spain won't annul judge's decision'  Jerusalem Post  01 February   2009


License to kill   Haaretz Editorial 28 November  2008


IDF rejects claims it killed Palestinians in defiance of court  


Court ruling sees IDF targeted assassinations as last resort  Haaretz Editorial 27 November  2008


Peres slams UK law jeopardizing IDF officers Jerusalem Post  23 November 2008


Mofaz, Senior IDF Officers Criticize Government Policy on Gaza 18 November  2008


Mazuz asks Olmert to quickly form a commission  tasked with assassinations Yedioth Ahronoth  01 November  2008

Dutch lawyers seek arrest of Minister Ayalon for 'war crimes' Haaretz Editorial 07 October  2008

Report: Minister Ayalon evaded arrest in Holland Yedioth Ahronoth 07 October  2008

Israel tries quashing arrest warrants against officials Yedioth Ahronoth 03 October  2008

Israel battles Spanish arrest warrants Jerusalem Post 08 August 2008

Israel reveals its fear of war crimes trials The Guardian

War crimes prosecution overseas: How should Israel respond?  Haaretz Editorial

Spain, don’t succumb to Israeli pressure

Foreign Ministry: Ministers may be arrested in Spain Yedioth Ahronoth 30 June  2008

New Zealand cancels Ya'alon warrant after he leaves Haaretz Editorial

Dichter cancels U.K. trip over fears of 'war crimes' arrest  Haaretz Editorial  06 Dec. 2006

Statements by Other Organisations and Individuals

The PCHR and the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign urge you to act immediately: Stop support for Israel's war crimes!  (30-november 2006)

Letters from Anthony Hurndall to Ian Blair and Jack Straw MP  September 2005 (pdf)

Comments from Jack Straw MP in House of Commons   (pdf)

Statement from Jeremy Corbyn MP  16 September 2005 (pdf)

FIDH Letter to Attorney-General at UK 15 September 2005 (pdf)

Executive Committee of European Jews for a Just Peace (EJJP) 15 September 2005 (pdf)

MP demands investigation into botched arrest of “War Crimes General” Office of Emily Thornberry MP 13th September 2005 (pdf)

Amnesty International United Kingdom/Israel-OT: Amnesty International deplores failure to arrest Israeli war crimes suspect (September 2005)

Media reports About the Attempted Arrest of Maj. Gen. Doron Almog

Israeli army officer cancels UK trip to avoid war charges Telegraph 28 February 2006

WAR CRIMINALS   PIMS  07 February 2006

Lawsuits PR opportunity for Israel  Ynetnews 27 February 2006

Fearing arrest, IDF officer cancels studies in U.K.  Haaretz Editorial 27 February 2006

UK considers curbing citizens' right to arrest alleged war criminals  The Guardian  February 3, 2006

The UK's duty to 'universal jurisdiction' by Kate Maynard and Daniel Machover of Hickman and Ross The Time, 4 October 2005

Travel Advisory: Military Personnel and British Courts By Simon Henderson  September 20, 2005

Sharon fears arrest if he visits London Times online  17 September 2005

Israeli ex-military chief cancels trip to UK over threat of war crimes arrest  The Guardian  16 September 2005 (pdf)

U.K. court cancels warrant against Almog Yedioth  16 September 2005

In the dock  Haaretz Editorial 14 September 2005

Investigation urged after Israeli officer avoids arrest  The Guardian  13 September 2005

Israel general 'avoids UK arrest' BBC 12 September 2005