Basic Principles Considered by the Centre

These principles are rooted in the need to promote the activities of NGOs and to strengthen Palestinian civil society so that it can play its fundamental role in obtaining the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people and contribute to the building of an independent Palestinian state with a democratic political system.

These principles are the following:

  1. Pluralism is a basic element of a democratic system, which includes, inter alia, the legislation for the presence and acceptance of a wide range of independent NGOs away from central government intervention. The more constitution and legal protection against government intervention provided for the NGOs, the more they are able to play their role effectively.

  2. The efficiency of the work of the NGOs is also dependent upon how much they are democratic from inside and how much they are institutionally built and structured.

  3. NGOs are not private or profit making institutions. As such, principles of transparency and accountability before both the government and the community should be implemented in their activities.

  4. It is almost impossible to promulgate a comprehensive law that may provide the legal framework for all categories of NGOs. Non profit organisations vary between societies that are based on membership and other institutions and centres without membership. It is understood that the proposed draft law is designed only to regulate the work of such NGOs, which are based on membership. Other categories may need another law or even laws to replace the current legal framework.

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