Table of Contents

About this Report

Part One: Narrative Report


Israeli Violations of Palestinian Human Rights

1) The continued closure of the West Bank and Gaza Strip

The Closure Update

Press releases regarding the closure

Legal aid offered with regard to the freedom of movement

2) The use of torture against Palestinian prisoners and the

deterioration of their living conditions

The death of Palestinian prisoners inside Israeli jails

Legal Aid offered for Palestinian prisoners inside Israeli jails

El Asra (Prisoners) – Special update on Palestinian and Arab

Prisoners in Israeli prisons

Poster about Palestinian prisoners in Israel

Press releases regarding Palestinian prisoners in Israel

3) Settler activities and their protection by Israeli soldiers inside the

Gaza Strip

Study on Israeli Settlements in the Gaza Strip

Press releases regarding settlements in the Gaza Strip

4) The use of excessive force by Israeli soldiers against Palestinian

civilians in Gaza

Palestinian citizens killed by Israeli soldiers in Gaza

Palestinian citizens injured by Israeli settlers and soldiers

5) Violations perpetrated by Israeli marines against Palestinian

fishermen along the Gaza coast

6) Other practices by Israeli occupation forces in Gaza

Press releases regarding other Israeli violations

Promoting the Rule of Law and Democracy in areas under the Jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority

1) Illegal arrests carried out by security forces

Intervention before courts and concerned bodies on behalf of

Palestinian detainees

Press Releases concerning illegal arrests

2) Deaths as a result of torture and suspicious circumstances inside

Palestinian prisons

Press releases concerning the deaths in prisons

3) People killed by individuals from the Palestinian security forces

Press release regarding the unrest in Rafah

4) The closure of a number of licensed civil institutions in the

Gaza Strip

Press releases regarding the closure of licensed institutions

5) The continued existence of the State Security Court

6) Disregard for Palestinian court decisions

Press releases concerning breaches of court decisions

7) The failure of the PA to hold elections for local councils

Preparations for the elections and the establishment of a

special election team

Municipal elections bulletin

A study documenting the PCHR’s experience in monitoring

General Elections

Relations with the local Palestinian community

1) Strengthening relations with the local community, expanding the

level of free services, and contributing to public awareness

Legal Aid and Counseling

Public awareness campaigns

2) Strengthening relations with NGOs and civil society

The role of the PCHR within the Palestinian network of NGOs


The role of the PCHR in the Palestinian Forum for Education for


The role of the PCHR in the Palestinian Model Parliament on

Women and Legislation

The role of the PCHR in the National Committee for the Release

of Prisoners (Aseer)

Joint study concerning the right to housing

Joint press release issued by human rights organizations

following the visit to the region by US Secretary of State

Madeline Albright

Press release issued by PNGO demanding protection for

human rights in Palestine

3) The promotion of positive and constructive dialogue with the

Palestinian National Authority

4) Conferences, workshops, and meetings related to human rights

and democracy organized by the PCHR

Study day to evaluate the work of the Palestinian Legislative


Symposium on European responsibility for human rights

violations in Palestine

Symposium about the human rights conditions in the Arab


Workshop to discuss the program of the Women’s Unit at the


Meeting for Women’s Organizations to discuss the Palestinian

Draft Basic Law

Meeting to discuss the most recent developments regarding the

Draft Basic Law

International Conference, “Human Rights and the Final Status


5) Participation in activities concerning human rights and democracy

held in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Regional and International Activities

1) Intervention before United Nations and international bodies

UN High Commission on Human Rights

UN Committee against Torture

UN Special Committee to investigate Israeli practices

affecting the human rights of the Palestinian people and other

Arabs of the Occupied Territories

Letter to US Secretary of State Madeline Albright

Press release regarding the position taken by the US

administration towards recent developments in the region

2) Participation in conferences, workshops, lectures, and work

meetings abroad

3) Meetings in Gaza with politicains, diplomats, representatives of

the UN, and other international organizations

4) Other visiting delegations to the region received by the PCHR

  1. 5) Interviews with local, regional, and international media

6) Coordination and cooperation between the PCHR and regional

and international organizations

The International Commission of Jurists, Geneva

Federation Internationale des Ligues des Droits de l’Homme


Arab Organizations for Human Rights

Training and Educational Missions for the Staff of the PCHR

Establishing New Units at the PCHR

1) Women’s and Group Rights Project

2) Economic and Social Rights Unit