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February 2005

Final Evaluation Report on Palestinian Presidential Elections:

An Evaluation Report of Election Day, the counting of votes and the declaration of results (Gaza Strip)


PCHR believes that elections are the essence of democracy – democracy means a representative government of the people chosen by them through free and fair elections.    

Independent monitoring over an electoral process can ensure fairness, transparency and credibility before the electorate, candidates, partisan entities and other local and international bodies.  PCHR has closely monitored all stages of the presidential election in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) and carried out a wide scale campaign to monitor on the ground the electoral process in the Gaza Strip.  PCHR’s election monitoring programme constitutes a major part of our work on the Palestinian agenda and forms part of our continued support for democratic reform in the OPT.

Our monitoring campaign commenced with monitoring the registration of electors by the Palestinian Central Election Commission (CEC) in the last quarter of 2004.  This monitoring was on a smaller scale than future monitoring activities and was carried out by PCHR staff.  PCHR’s response to this initial registration of voters was the result of questions of the commitment of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) to hold elections in the near future as no date for holding elections had been announced.   



Final Evaluation Report on Palestinian Presidential Elections:





To download the report, in Pdf format please click here. (PDF)

[1] Please see the back cover of this report for a complete list of all the organisations participating in PCHR’s monitoring campaign.