How to Help


Frequently Asked Questions


Where will my money go?

Any money you donate to PCHR will be used directly to fund the core work of the Centre.  As such your money can, and will, be used in a variety of different ways, including:

  • Providing free legal aid, from the PCHR Legal Unit, for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons;
  • With PCHR’s Women’s Unit you will help to educate women about their rights under Sha’ria (Islamic) law or allow one of our Sha’ria lawyers to represent them free of charge in the Courts;
  • With our Democratic Development Unit your money will go towards monitoring the Palestinian Authority’s human rights’ record .
  • Supporting our fieldworkers in monitoring the expansion of Israeli settlements across the OPT
  • Your money could be used to fund a researcher in our Economic, Social Rights Unit who publish reports on Education services in Palestine, killings by the Israeli military, closures and checkpoints across the OPT.
  • PCHR runs training courses on human rights and democratisation for civil society, including for Future Young Leaders – your money could directly contribute to broadening their knowledge about human rights and the necessity of democratisation.
  • OR your money might just be used to pay our rent and help keep a roof over our heads.


Can I see where my money is spent?

Unless you are making an extremely large donation PCHR will not monitor exactly how your money is spent.  However for the purposes of accountability and openness PCHR publishes annual accounts as part of our annual report every year.  These accounts are audited to the highest international professional accountancy standards by Ernst & Young in Gaza.

In addition to this PCHR is financially accountable to our primary donors, NGOs foundations and governments, throughout the year and at our annual governmental and non-governmental donor consortiums.


I only have a small amount of money to donate – what should I do?

If, as an individual, you only have a small amount then local bank charges will probably prohibit you making a donation: in most countries banks charge a commission rate of around US$25 for a money transfer.

Instead we suggest that you make an effort to increase the amount of money you can give by getting together with friends or family and asking them to make their own contribution or organising a fundraising event with your local Palestine Solidarity Campaign and sending us the total funds from that.  This is also a good way of highlighting plight of the Palestinian people to others.


I have a large amount of money to donate – how should I go about this?

If you work for a charitable foundation, NGO, government or otherwise have an interest in making a large, and possibly regular, contribution to the work of PCHR then please contact us directly at .  PCHR always welcomes new opportunities from interested parties, including from the Arab world and Diaspora. 

PCHR applies the highest standards of monitoring and reporting on all negotiated donations and allows donors the opportunity to visit the Centre, inspect our work and co-operate with other donors through the donor consortium.

We will be happy to discuss details of specific projects which you may be interested in funding and to examine further ways of strengthening our relationship.


I want to claim back the tax from my donation – can you help me?

Because of the stipulations under Palestinian law PCHR is registered as a not for profit company in Palestine.  In some countries you will still be able to claim the tax back on your donation regardless of this.  In others you will not.

If you require certification as proof of your donation then please stipulate this in an e-mail to the Centre and we will forward an original document on to you.  Please be mindful of the fact that due to Israeli imposed closures on the Gaza Strip the postal system can be extremely slow.