Articles and Feature Stories from the International Media


BBC news chief condemns Israeli actions by Jessica Hodgson, The Guardian Unlimited (3 April 2002)


The first casualty of war by Peter Beaumont, Brian Whitaker and Edward Helmore, The Observer (17June 2001)


3 Palestinians Die in Territories, News Photographer Was Shot on Duty by John Anderson, Washington Post, (13 July 2002)

Palestinian journalist killed by IDF in Jenin riot by Lauren Gelfond, Jerusalem Post (14 July 2002)


5 Journalist killed, 220 Wounded by Israelis in 20 Month Old Intifada by Palestine Cronicle Reporter and LAW


Holiday in Hell, EPN World Reporter (8 May 2002)


Journalists accuse Israel of media violation by Jessica Hodgson, Guardian Unlimited (22 April 2002)


Israeli troops attack foreign journalists by Julia Day, Guardian Unlimited (5 April 2002)

Israeli Army confiscates journalists' cards by Julia Day, Guardian Unlimited (22 April 2002)

Press Freedom - Israeli Style by Jonathan Cook, al-Ahram Weekly (24-30 January 2002)

Robert Fisk: I'm being vilified for telling the truth about Palestinians, interview on Living Islam web site (13 December 2000)




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