Articles and Feature Stories from the International Media


Every soldier's a chief of staff by Gideon Levy, Ha'aretz Daily (3 November 2002)


A land of roadblocks and barriers by Danny Rubinstein, Ha'aretz Daily (3 November 2002)


Israel's closure policy: An effective strategy of containment and repression by Amira Hass, Journal of Palestine Studies, No. 3, Spring 2002, Issue 123


Long-term sieges by Amira Hass, Ha'aretz Daily (13 June 2002)


The IDF shuts away the sea at Rafah by Amira Hass, Ha'aretz Daily (15 July 2002)


Gaza Agonistes by Graham Usher, Middle East Report, 218 (Spring 2001)


A million people under curfew by Gidion Levy, Ha'aretz Daily (1 July 2002)


At Checkpoint in Gaza, Travelers Wait and Wait by Tim Golden, New York Times (5 June 2002)


Palestinians lose their lifelines by Molly Moore, Washington Post (6 August 2002)


The Palestinians under closure by Tarik Kafala, BBC News Online (20 January 2002)


Fenced off in Gaza by Caroline Hawley, BBC correspondent in Gaza (2 June 2002)


Gaza Palestinians Speak Of 'World's Biggest Prison by Paul Holmes/Reuters (19 August 2001)


Teargas, Bullets and a Cage: Trying to Get Home by Andrea Becker, Electronic Intifada (6 May 2002)






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