PCHR Press Releases in 2002 Involving Children


No matter the nature of the human rights violations committed by the Israeli army against the Palestinian civilian population children are amongst the victims. The following are press releases on violations like willful killings, assassinations, bombardment of residential areas, house demolitions, closures etc. in 2002 where children were amongst the victims:


Killing Protected Civilians with Impunity (24 July 2002)


Israel assassinate six Palestinians in Rafah (24 June 2002)


Urgent appeal to immediately lift siege imposed on al-Mawasi area by Israeli occupying forces (18 May 2002)


Three Palestinian civilians, including two children, killed in Rafah (7 April 2002)


PCHR Investigation: Israel Most Likely Responsible for Death of 5 Palestinian Civilians in Explosion (19 March 2002)


School for blind children severely damaged by Israeli bombardment (7 March 2002). Read also testimonies taken in the aftermath of the bombardment


Israeli forces kill 16 Palestinians in 48 hours in attacks across Occupied Palestinian Territories (4 March 2002)


Israeli forces continue ground operations throughout Gaza strip; at least three civilians killed, house demolitions ongoing (19 Feb. 2002)


New evidence in case of three Palestinian children unlawfully killed by Israeli forces (30 Jan. 2002)


US policy cover for Israel in its violations of the international humanitarian law: More than 100 Palestinian families homeless in Rafah after houses demolished (12 Jan. 2002)


Five children of a homeless family die burning in a refugee tent (7 Jan. 2002)


Israeli Occupation Forces handed the bodies of the three Palestinian children killed by those forces (3 Jan. 2002)


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