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PCHR publishes ad hoc press releases on both the Palestinian and Israeli agendas [full press release index]

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Position Papers

PCHR publishes position papers to track current events and contribute to the immediate debate surrounding issues of importance on both the Israeli and Palestinian agendas [full position paper index]


PCHR publishes a number of regular reports on various aspects of the human rights situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), as well as on the development of democratic institutions in Palestine. [full reports index]


PCHR regularly produces in-depth studies on various aspects of the human rights situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), dealing with violations by Israeli forces, the Palestinian National Authority, or the state of democratic institutions and the rule of law in the OPT.  [full studies index]


PCHR is actively involved in advocacy efforts with governments, the UN system, and the wider international community to secure the protection of human rights and the application of international humanitarian law in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.  Below is a compilation of selected interventions made to inter-governmental organisations, governments and other bodies.  [full interventions index]

Theme Packages The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights has collected and organized relevant information on various issues related to the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and the consequences of the occupation policy for Palestinian civilians' daily lives. The purpose is to give interested readers, journalists, students, NGOs and solidarity groups a place where they can find all the relevant information needed - such as statistics, legal references, fact sheets, reports, newspaper articles etc. - to get an adequate picture and understanding of the continuing human rights violations committed against civilians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. More theme packages will be added periodically.  [full Theme Packages index]