Subject: Lessons in history.


Dear Ambassador of Israel,


In this email I send you a picture showing you the way my young Dutch students have their lessons in history. In one of the many Dutch War Museums a guide showed my students that well known grey-white suit, the Jews had to wear in Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, Auschwitz and other concentration camps. And again we read the text: "This may never happen again!" "THIS MAY NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!"


A few minutes ago Dutch television brought us the news from what happened  today in the village of Rafah in Gaza in the occupied territories. The TV showed Palestinian kids shouting and crying with fear in their eyes, totally panic, and trying to help their mothers, their grandmothers, their father, to save some of their belongings like furniture, mattresses, clothes, a mirror, etc. Blind panic and hopeless fear. We saw a grandmother "fighting" with a broom against one of the Israeli bulldozers, demolishing the houses.


Tomorrow I will have my students (of the same age like the Palestinian kids) and they will ask me about the horror you brought again to the Palestinian people. How can I explain this new war crime against civilians, against children? What else can I say: "This may never happen again!" "THIS MAY NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!" And I have to explain the truth of the Palestinian people, and I have to explain the Israelis did not learn anything from their own tragic history.


So, mister ambassador,

stop your policy of revenge

stop the jet and helicopter attacks

stop destroying Palestinian farmland

stop that Iron Curtain

leave the occupied territories

think about your past


And most important, think about your future. Go for peace.


Henk van Dongen, high school teacher in the Netherlands, 56 years old.