Friday July 14th 2006

Govt must strongly condemn Israel's 'State-sponsored terror campaign' against civilians - Allen

Bernard Allen TD, Fine Gael Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, has today (Friday) called on the Government to strongly condemn the latest military actions of the Israeli Government, and to call for an immediate halt to all activities which punish civilians in the Middle-East.

"The Irish Government should make clear to the Israeli Government our condemnation of the ongoing military actions against Palestinian and Lebanese civilian populations. The use of such disproportionate force by Israel against civilians is unacceptable, and the Government should make their position on this matter very clear as well as calling for an immediate halt to all such military activities.

"The release of the kidnapped Israeli soldiers must take place immediately and there must also be an end to the rocket attacks on Israeli territory. The actions of both sides are fuelling this crisis, but as a state power Israel has a responsibility to act proportionately and in accordance with international law and respect for civilians. These considerations are clearly lacking, and the recent actions of the Israeli military have the character of a State-sponsored terror campaign against civilians.

"The United States used their veto to block the adoption of a UN resolution which called for Israel to cease their disproportionate use of force, for the release of the captive Israeli soldiers and urged Palestinians to stop firing rockets at Israel. The internal politics of the Security Council have, once again, emasculated the UN.

"Our Government should be clear, decisive and unyielding on this matter. It is not only the actions of militants which are to be condemned, but also the actions of Israel which are now resulting in death and destruction on a large scale, and which will hasten a deepening humanitarian crisis in the region."




Photos from today's Stop the Assault on Gaza: National demonstration