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The International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL), a non-governmental organization of jurists with national affiliates on all continents, and in consultative status with ECOSOC, unequivocally condemns Israel's continuing aggression against an independent and sovereign Lebanon, in violation of Article 2(4) of the U.N. Charter and other international law.

1. Israel has for over three weeks continued its  unrelenting and brutal attacks against the people of sovereign Lebanon. It has created a sea blockade; destroyed the capital city of Beirut, the international airport, and infrastructure (including major roads); and is now occupying villages in the country's southern region.

Israel's leadership insists that its attacks against Lebanon are "measured and limited," and denies that it targets civilians, but the results of its actions speak for themselves. As of 24 July, Israeli attacks had killed approximately ten times as many people as Hezbollah, and the Lebanese victims were overwhelmingly civilians. Up to three quarters of a million Lebanese have been forcibly displaced by the war. The Israeli military is using chemical weapons in its bombing of Lebanon as per the available medical evidence.  Israel is also using cluster bombs and white phosphorous gas, in violation of the Geneva Conventions, Protocol I, Article 35.

Israel has committed crimes of aggression against civilians and war crimes, in violation of Geneva Conventions IV, the ICC Rome Statute and other international conventions. Israel has now created a humanitarian crisis in Lebanon and in Gaza.

2. While reiterating its earlier Statement of July 16,2006 , IADL demands that there must be an immediate cease-fire to stop the war, and efforts to seek a solution, which safeguards independence and sovereignty, under the leadership of regional states.

IADL condemns the U.S. intervention to prevent an immediate cease-fire. U.S. Secretary of State Rice referred to an immediate cease-fire as a "false promise," which is a code-word for saying that an immediate cease-fire is against the interests of the U.S. and Israel. The U.S. has given Israel a "green light" to bomb Lebanon and its people for at least another week. The U.S. has affirmatively "intervened" by arming the Israeli military. In the last few days, it granted Israel's request to expedite delivery of a shipment of precision-guided bombs.  The U.S. actions are part of its plan to create a "New Middle East."

3. There must be an end to Israel's aggression in Gaza, referred to by the BBC as Israel's "Forgotten Front." Since Israel's military invasion a month ago, more than 100 Palestinians have died in Gaza, and one-third were children.

4. The pre-textual object for Israel's onslaught, the two captured soldiers, has all but disappeared from view. Israel, and the U.S. simply refuse and ignore the option of negotiations: that captured Israeli soldiers be exchanged for prisoners held by Israel.

5 .IADL  calls for an immediate unconditional cease-fire, and for a solution, which safeguards independence and sovereignty, under the leadership of regional states. Israel must immediately lift the blockade of Lebanon and  open humanitarian corridors.

IADL calls for international inquiries into Israel's war crimes, crimes of aggression and violations of international humanitarian law.

IADL urges the immediate deployment of a UN force to protect the civilian populations of Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza.  Israel must guarantee the safety of the UN force, by agreeing to an immediate unconditional cease-fire, and withdrawal of its military forces from these areas. 
         Jitendra Sharma
         Ms.Jeanne Mirer

         ISSUED ON 29TH JULY,2006