Office of the President
   17 Lawyers Chamber, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi [ INDIA ]



Statement on Israel's Aggression in Lebanon

The International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL), a non-governmental organization of jurists with national affiliates on all continents, and in consultative status with ECOSOC unequivocally condemns Israel's aggression against an independent and sovereign Lebanon, in violation of Article 2(4) of the U.N. Charter.

1.  For the last few  days Israel has waged an unrelenting attack against the people of sovereign Lebanon, and tightened its air, sea and land blockade, in violation of international law.   Israel is targetting Lebanon's infrastructure, used by civilians:  Israel has  repeatedly bombed the Beirut airport and its fuel depot, and destroyed land routes connecting Lebanon to Syria.  These are not military targets.

2. Israel's pretext for its all out war against Lebanon is the freeing of the two soldiers said to have been kidnapped by Hezbollah.  Identical to the pretext for its occupation and aggression against Gaza, Israel refuses to engage in political actions which could lead to the release of the soldiers.

3.  Instead, Israel has chosen to put the whole region, and the rest of the world, in grave danger, as it pushes forward its agenda, supported by the U.S., to destroy Hezbollah , completely subjugate Lebanon and  strike at Iran and Syria.

4.  IADL joins with the international community in its urgent call for Israel to cease its military aggression in Lebanon, so also in Palestine, immediately.


IADL calls upon the UN  Security Council to immediately  take measures to stop Israel's aggression against Lebanon, and to  take appropriate actions against Israel's  illegal conduct. IADL further urges the UN General Assembly to take similar initiative to uphold UN Charter and to put an end to Israel's aggression and bring peace in the Middle East .

Jitendra Sharma
Ms. Jeanne Mirer
Secretary General

Issued on July 15,2006