PLC Election January 2006

Press Releases
26-Jan. 2006 Palestinian Legislative Elections (January 2006): Preliminary Assessment of Polling and Vote Count Processes from Monitors
05-Jan. 2006

PCHR Strongly Condemns Interference in the Operations of the Central Election Committee

05-Jan. 2006 PCHR Completes Preparations for Monitoring the Elections
28-Dec. 2005

In Light of the Lack of Serious Protection for the CEC Offices, PCHR Is Concerned That the PNA May Not Be Able to Hold Free and Fair Elections

27-Dec. 2005

The Election Appeal Court Decides Reopening Candidature for the Upcoming Palestinian Parliamentary Elections

22-Dec. 2005

PCHR Calls upon the International Community to Support Holding the Palestinian Parliamentary Elections on Time

13-Dec. 2005

The PNA Is Required to Protect the CEC Offices

12-Dec. 2005 PCHR Condemns Attack on CEC Office in Deir al-Balah
23-Nov. 2005

PCHR Prepares for Monitoring the Upcoming Parliamentary Elections in Cooperation with Civil Society Groups

14-Nov. 2005 PCHR Condemns Attack on CEC Office in Rafah