Palestinian Centre for Human Rights


Palestinian Elections 2005

PCHR and Election Monitoring

Article 103 (1) of Law 13 of 1995 Relating to Elections prescribes that "all stages of the electoral process described by this Law shall be public and open to international and domestic observationů"  As PCHR is a monitoring organization accredited by CEC, it participated in monitoring the registration of voters, which started on the 4th of September 2004, through a number of its staff members.  PCHR will issue a report on the registration process.  As soon as the 9th of January 2005 was specified as the date of the presidential election, PCHR intensified its efforts to recruit and train monitors to observe the next stages of the election, particularly the polling process, the counting process and the declaration of results.  The monitoring process is conducted in cooperation with a number of civil society organizations, especially the Palestine Bar Association, Women's Affairs Center and Cana'an Pedagogical Institute.  PCHR has chosen 150 monitors, out of 2000 trainees who participated in training courses on human rights and democracy it organized.  The training program was supervised by specialized trainers from PCHR's Training Unit and Democratic Development Unit.  The trained monitors will monitor the election in the five electoral bureaus of the Gaza Strip.  PCHR has significant experience in election monitoring since it led the local monitoring process of the first and only Palestinian general elections under the PNA in 1996.