Palestinian Centre for Human Rights


Palestinian Elections 2005

PCHR's Position towards Elections

  1. PCHR welcomes holding presidential election according to the applicable law to fill the vacancy of the post of the president in order to meet constitutional requirements, and hopes that the political and security circumstances will allow and facilitate the holding of the elections on time and in the appropriate atmosphere.

  2. PCHR believes that efforts made to hold the presidential election must be accompanied by similar efforts to hold parliamentary and local elections as soon as possible, to meet constitutional and legal requirements and repeated societal demands.  PCHR calls upon the President of the PNA to issue a presidential decree specifying a date for holding parliamentary elections in the nearest possible time following the presidential election. 

  3. PCHR calls upon the PLC to amend Law 13 of 1995 Relating to Elections or promulgate a new law in light of repeated societal demands to ensure proportional representation, decrease the number of electoral bureaus and ensure fair representation of women (assigning a quota for women)