Palestinian Elections 2005


Since its inception in 1995, PCHR has advocated the need to hold regular free and fair elections.


PCHR Election Reports

Elections of Palestinian Local Elections   An Evaluation Report on Elections of 10 Palestinian Local Councils in the Gaza Strip on 27 January 2005  March 2005 (PDF)

Final Evaluation Report on Presidential Elections: An Evaluation Report of Election Day, the counting of votes and the declaration of results Feb, 2005 (PDF)    

Evaluation Report on Presidential Election Campaigning: An Evaluation Report on the Election Campaign: based on the Monitoring Conducted by PCHR in Cooperation with other Civil Society Groups Jan., 2005 (PDF) 

Evaluation Report on Preparatory Stages of Palestinian Presidential Elections: An Evaluation of the Pre-Election Process, including the Conclusions of the Monitoring Process Conducted by PCHR on the Registration of Voters in the Fourth Quarter of 2004 (The Gaza Strip) Dec., 2004 (PDF)