Case ISR 021000.1
Follow-up to Case ISR 021000

Geneva, 3rd October 2000.

The International Secretariat of OMCT requests your URGENT
intervention in the following situation in Israel.

New Information

The International Secretariat of OMCT has received information
that Israeli forces have continued to use live ammunition for a
fourth day to disperse demonstrators.

According to the Palestinian Society for the Protection for Human
Rights and the Environment (LAW), a member of the OMCT
network,, as of 8 pm local time on 2nd October 2000, 14
Palestinians, 7 inside Israel, 2 in Gaza and 5 in the West Bank had
been killed. The total number of Palestinians killed in 4 days is 41.
396 Palestinians have been injured, 18 of which are in a critical

Furthermore, in a report by the Palestinian Human Rights
Monitoring Group (PHRMG), a member of the OMCT network, it
has been noted that Israeli forces are violating the guidelines for
rubber-coated metal bullet use. According to PHRMG, these
violations have included firing from less than the required
minimum safety distance, firing at the head rather than the leg,
targeting innocent civilians and targeting children. Used in such a
manner, rubber-coated metal bullets can no longer be claimed as a
safe weapon for crowd dispersal. Instead they are the cause of
serious and disfiguring injury, and permanent eye loss.

According to the information received from LAW, inside the
green line, seven civilians have died: Aseel Hasan Atili, from
Arrabeh, Ahmad Ibrahim Siam Jabrin, in Um El Fahm died
from injuries he sustained yesterday as did Rami Hatem Gharra
from Jet village in Al Muthaltah and Imad Farraj Gneim. Walid
Abdel Min Eim and Abu Saleh, both from Sahkneen village
were killed as were Ala Khaled Mansour from Arabe village
and Iyad Lauabne from Nazareth city.

In Gaza, two were killed: Mahmoud Gazi Al- Nabih, 29, from
Al-Sabra neighborhood and Salah Abu Qnais, 24 (a member of
Palestinian intelligence forces). Both were shot in the upper body.

In Jericho three have been killed, Hatem Al-Najar, 22, (a
member of national security forces) died from a gunshot wound,
as did civilian Ibrahim Samih Barahmeh, 27. The third person
has not yet been identified.

In Nablus, Wael Tayseer Qatawi, 14, from Balata refugee camp
died after being shot in the eye near Joseph’s Tomb.

In Ramallah, Ahmad Sami Fayad, 25, member of the national
security forces from Ramallah.

Husam Ismail Al-Hamshari, 22, from Tulkarem City was
pronounced clinically dead.

Reports confirm that Israeli forces have used helicopters to
combat large groups of protestors, which have also been used to
bomb two civilian buildings near the Netzarim junction in Gaza, the
National Security Forces building, four ambulances and the car of
a Chinese jounalist. The use of machine gun fire has also
reportedly increased the number of injuries. Furthermore, it
should be noted that two Palestinians are reported to have been
hit with internationally outlawed “dumdum” bullets.

The International Secretariat of OMCT reiterates its grave
concern over these killings and injuries. Furthermore, OMCT is
appalled that many injuries are reportedly in the upper parts of the
body, particularly the eyes.

OMCT calls on the Israeli authorities to put an immediate end to
this use of excessive force against Palestinian demonstrators.

Actions requested

Please write to the authorities in Israel urging them to:

i. put an immediate end to the use of excessive force
and the use of live ammunition against demonstrators
in accordance with international human rights
standards, in particular Articles 9, 10 and 11 of the
United Nations Basic Principles on the Use of Force
and Firearms by Law Enforcement Officials;

ii. guarantee adequate compensation to the families of
all victims and medical assistance to all injured people;

iii.ensure that all law enforcement agencies conform to
international human rights standards and a thorough
and impartial investigation into all deaths and injuries
in order to identify those responsible, bring them to
trial and apply the penal, civil and/or administrative
sanctions as provided by law;

iv. guarantee the respect of human rights and the
fundamental freedoms throughout the country in
accordance with national laws and international
human rights standards, in particular the International
Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the
Convention on the Rights of the Child.


Ehud Barak, Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, Office of
the Prime Minister, 3 Kaplan Street Hakirya, Jerusalem 91007,
Israel, Faxes: +972 2 566 4838 and +972 3 691 7915

Minister of Justice, Ministry of Justice, 29 Salah al-Din Street,
Jerusalem 91029, State of Israel. Fax : + 972 2 6285 438

Minister of Defense, Ministry of Defense, 7 "A" Street, Hakirya,
Tel Aviv, Israel. Fax: +972 3 697 62 18.

Minister of Police, Ministry of Police, PO Box 18182, 3 Sheikh
Jarrah, Kiryat Hamemshala, Jerusalem 91181, State of Israel.
Fax : + 972 2 5826 769.

The Embassy of Israel in your respective countries.

Geneva, 3rd October 2000

Kindly inform us of any action undertaken quoting the code of this
appeal in your reply.

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